Suzanne Stickley

HCPC Paramedic
Call Medics Suzanne

After joining the LAS in 1994 I soon graduated to become a Paramedic working at Barnet and Kingsbury Ambulance Stations.

Film and TV

On my rest days, I worked overtime for a private medical company that supplied medics to the Film and TV industry to supervise stunt work on sets and found I was hooked.


I was fortunate to travel to Morocco to work on a film called Sahara working 14 hour days in the middle of the desert, it made me realise how working as part of this film unit was more than just a job, these people became my family for 4 months.


27 years later I am still working in the industry having worked on major productions such as Harry Potter, Kingsman, Dr Doolittle and most recently for Netflix on The Witcher. I have supported the BBC and been abroad to some amazing countries with reality TV.


I decided to start this company Call Medics as I had built a fantastic team of medics around me that I wanted to expand, I want to be able to introduce great medics into this amazing world.


It can be tough to break into this behind the scenes world, but this recruitment agency is run by a really experienced Film and TV medic, so we can supply you with a qualified medic just right for your project.

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